Promising a semi-permanent look, powder-filled brows are a highly-effective and affordable option for eyebrow shaping and building. Pushing tinted powder into the skin of your brow, through thousands of tiny holes, the powder fill technique gradually builds up color and defines the shape of your eyebrow. With improved techniques and innovative equipment and pigments, powder brows can provide a soft, yet uniform, look most clients prefer. Blending pigment colors, between lighter blondes and darker browns, allows patrons to enjoy a more natural appearance than was previously available just 10 or 20 years ago.

Specializing in the application of permanent makeup, I am certified in permanent makeup application and I guarantee your satisfactory results. Starting with a comprehensive, personal consultation, your brow-shaping appointment is designed with your comfort and confidence in mind. Backed by over six years of experience serving over thousands of women, my knowledge and artistry leads the local permanent makeup industry. Taking the time to get your look perfectly right, I never compromise quality or personal care for time or money. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and your happiness is my highest goal.

Find out more about powder brows and our other permanent makeup applications by contacting me today. I promise a prompt and professional response with a smile.