Hoping to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe but lack that sexy little beauty mark? Add that little bit of charming character with a permanent beauty mark, placed where you like, how you like.

As a genetic skin feature, moles are often referred to as beauty marks because of their mysterious allure. Once considered bad luck in some cultures, others still believe that beauty marks can tell a person’s fortune or destiny. Now considered by many around the globe as a uniquely attractive feature, many women are adding to their face what nature neglected to give them.

With one quick and affordable appointment, you can enjoy your own beauty mark. Nobody needs to know you weren’t born with it, as I take our time to make your permanent beauty mark look as natural as possible; adding just the right amount of pigment to make your mark look real and not distractingly strange.

Offering custom permanent makeup of all types, I am one of the few permanent makeup salons in the area that offer permanent beauty marks. Backed by years of experience and continued education, I am on the cutting-edge of permanent makeup technology. Find out what so many women already know about our superior skills and services by scheduling your personal consultation now.

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