First, let’s get the definition of what microblading actually is, out of the way. With current trends having women and men of all ages in constant search of the perfect eyebrow, many techniques have taken over as the brow-optimizing fad of the day. But if you’ve been lucky enough to find the best face-flattering shape for you and you’re bent on sticking with it, then microblading may just be the eyebrow-shaping solution you’ve been hoping for.

Used for the last 25 years in Asia and Europe, the procedure of microblading is fairly new to the United States, though it is growing in popularity. Applying a tool that looks much like personal razor equipped with a series of microneedles, your trained permanent makeup professional implants pigment into the skin, creating a skin-level look that fills in and shapes your brows beautifully. With today’s state-of-the-art iron oxide-based pigments, results are more natural than traditional eyebrow “tattooing”.

At Miss Minnick’s permanent makeup salon, your microblading service will only be performed a qualified and skilled brow specialist, ensuring your safety and satisfaction, from your first experience and through every touch-up.

Take the frustration and effort out of trying to always perfect that brow by scheduling your microblading appointment now. Offering a full consultation before the application, we ensure a beautiful, flattering look.