Always a point where beauty fads and trends focused on, a woman’s eyebrow shape and fullness now seems to be the center of attention for both beauty magazines and fashionistas everywhere. Whether you prefer yours to be thin and wispy, or you like the bold look of sculpted brows, there is little doubt that the right brow shape can change the look of your entire face.

Offering both men and women comprehensive eyebrow grooming services, as a permanent makeup professional, I use both tried-and-true techniques and cutting-edge methods and materials to create the look that flatters your facial features most. Rather than just opting for the trend “du jour”, I offer full beauty consultations, giving you the opportunity to see just what look works best for you. Through tweezing and trimming, I work to create the brow shape that allows you to be confident and attractive on a daily basis.

Enhancing the look of a perfectly groomed brow, eyebrow tinting eliminates the need of filling in the brow artificially. Artfully crafting your unique color, your brows will look more lush after just one session.

Find out more about how to bring out your own natural beauty with eyebrow shaping and tinting services. I look forward to adding you to my long list of smiling, beautiful customers.