Hello, welcome to my cyber consultation. If you are interested in having permanent makeup done, well your in the right spot!! I’m the best around and have many people come to me from all around within a 3-hour radius and more. I have fixed many people that have had permanent makeup done by others and are unhappy with it! So come to me first off and you will love it. I’m not just talking the talk my pictures and 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Groupon to back it up!! I use a methods called soft tap, which was invented by doctor Dixon out of Hawaii, I learned this method from my teacher whom was thought straight from Dr. Dixon, (this technique is also known as/or is the same as Hair Stroke, Microblading, 3D Eyebrows) with that being said I know exactly how to do permanent makeup with little to NO swelling, which many people do not know how to do!! All the pictures you see here are taken directly after the procedure, so as you see for yourself there is little to no swelling!! My clients are always amazed by how good they look directly after as well as how they look healed, all of them have loved my work!! I also have several references if you would like!! The best thing about permanent makeup is it won’t come off, smear, or wash away. I do a variety of services when it comes to permanent makeup such as eyebrows, rather you need full brows or just a filled in look. The types of eyebrows I do are the hair stroke (three-dimensional) these are the types of eyebrows that look very natural, like real hair, just like the ones you see here in my pictures!! I do full eyeliner which is top and bottom or just top and/or just bottom. Also I do lip liner to define your lips and can also do a full lip color as to appear you always have on lipstick. You can also choose to get a beauty mark to accent your beautiful facial features. Retouches are also available (which is if you have had this done before and you need it touched up to look refreshed!!)

Please call if there are any questions I can help you with (815) 975-2762 or even to schedule a free consultation. Believe me you will be happy you did. Permanent makeup has changed my life for the better, I to have it done and LOVE how I wake up looking great and can work out and swim and I don’t have the smearing or washing off of my makeup! It definitely boosts your confidence, Think of how nice it would be to look your best all the time no matter what you were doing, well let me tell you, wonderful!! I have been certified in permanent makeup since April of 2011. I’m here to make you look your best with makeup that is permanent and that will never again smear off or wash off. I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the custom permanent makeup industry. I have a wonderful clean office with a warm and welcoming waiting area. Please feel free to make your free consultation with me today at (815) 975-2762.

Extra info: Pigment is used not ink, I do not use ink I use what most respectable permanent makeup places use which is pigment (which is allergy free) and will not bother you if you have sensitive skin.